Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sherwood Forest

I have no idea where the actual Sherwood Forest was.  However, there is a lovely forest just 1/4 mile from the house here that surely must be similar.  Had there not been well-trodden trails, clearly used both by horses and people (this is horse country and there are multiple stables nearby), it would be impenetrable.  Full of both tall trees and leafy undergrowth, it make a delightful walk on this quickly warming day.  The forest is surrounded by a country club and stables, but unless you know where to look, they are invisible.  Just wandering trails, laced with tree limbs, quiet and green.

Jonathan, who is taking the day off, and I walked for about an hour, I suppose. As always when I am on vacation, I rarely check my watch, and pay no attention to the passing of time.

We talked mostly about nutrition and the aging process.  We both are reading similar books about the effects of optimal nutrition and how our westernized diets continue to prove themselves detrimental to long and short term health.  He's done quite a bit more reading than I have about the Paleo-diet, and before we walked, downloaded a book on my Kindle about it that he thought I'd find intriguing.

My goal here while in England is to eat as healthily as possible, get sunshine, rest and some exercise, and see if I can't bring my energy level back up again.

Right at the moment, Adriana is fixing us lunch--fresh shrimp with steamed vegetables.  She has always cooked with only fresh ingredients, made all her own baby food, and is herself as trim and energetic as it is possible to be.  I generally lose weight when I spend extended periods of time with them.  Will be interesting to see if that happens again here.  I'm not going to be doing nearly as much child/baby care/laundry/kitchen work on this trip as I've done before, which has tended to keep me physically as busy, but will do some gardening and yard work, and that will at least keep me outside a good bit of the time.

We shall see. In the meantime, I'm healthily hungry right now.

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