Thursday, March 17, 2011

Info Overload from Conference: I am Going on Strike

At least a dozen times a week (or at least it seems like it), I get an email from the district office or the conference office (or even more often, a copied one from the district office which has already gone out from the conference office) with one or more multiple attachments saying, "make sure that your laypeople, leaders, mission teams, church members, etc. get copies of this."

I am going on strike again this.


This is ridiculous.  There is absolutely no reason why any information pertaining to Conference or District Events, including Lay Speaking Ministries, Mission Interests, UMW, or anything else, can't be posted on the Conference website with electronic registration forms. Then a link can be sent to local churches, and that link, which one hopes leads to a well-designed and usable web page, can be electronically distributed to relevant and interested parties.

It's a massive waste of paper, time and energy for each local church to have to figure out how many of these things to print, to try to get them in the right hands, and then to throw away the unused extras when all this can be done electronically.

We get these full color brochures and flyers to print out.  Our church intentionally doesn't own a color printer and, even if we did have one, the costs of printing these things is prohibitive.  So it all gets printed in black and white, looking awful and unappealing.

A simple link which could then go out in our church e-news, or to a target group, would effectively see to it that the proper information is available and is accessible to those who need it.

Folks, this is not rocket science.  This is just basic common sense.

I'm on strike.

I hope others will join me.


Angie Hammond said...

Hey all you folks out there with computers. She is right.
We have email, smart phones and websites and apps for phones and iPads and such.
Why waste time and paper when no one uses it anymore?

And while you are at it, why clutter inboxes with duplicate emails etc. Hire the right people to do the jobs on the websites and apps the right way and save money and time for all parties.

And just maybe by using what is the "IN" way to do things as in "there's an app for that" you might actually get more young people involved in church and the goings on etc.

Strike Christy, I'm with you on this one. We could also use more of this at my school. We are working on it, but slowly.

You go girl and don't give up!

Angie Hammond said...
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