Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lessons from my Garden

1.  Six hours in the garden doesn't even begin to make up for three months of neglect.  Won't even touch what all has to be done.  Going to church twice a year probably is just about as effective.  We need a major tune-up here and regular attention.

2.  Flowers really want to reproduce.  Since I just let things go, all the annuals went to seed and I decided to save seed instead of buying it next spring for the simple flowers I plant.  Did you know that one marigold flower produces at least two hundred seeds?  That's one flower, not one plant.  If I were to harvest all the seeds off just one marigold plant, I'd probably have 10,000 seeds.  I think the church is supposed to operate the same way.

3.  Most of those seeds will not make new plants.  Some will blow away; some won't sprout; some will sprout and die; some will get eaten (I assume some bug just loves marigold seeds); some will just turn back to dirt.  But none ultimately disappear.  They are just transformed into something else.  Anyone besides me see some spiritual linking here?

4.  Bodies as old as mine should NOT spend six hours in the garden after three months of neglect and think I'll get off scott-free.  I can hardly move.

5.  Certified non-kink hoses still kink.  Sigh.

6.  Fire ants are still alive, hungry and love to bite even this late in the year.  Double sigh.

7.  Bermuda grass makes a wonderful lawn and is also the world worst weed.  Triple sigh.

Even so, what a wonderful day!

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