Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday afternoon in London

Yes, we are definitely into English Spring weather, as in a drizzling rain all day yesterday, Friday.  Adriana and I were extremely busy with the children all morning--it really passed with a blur, just dealing with their needs.  Around noon, Rocio brought her girls over, and Adriana, as usual, fixed all a lovely and nutritious lunch (and yes, even after just a few days here, I am losing some weight--this healthy and very low-fat eating will do it to me), and about an hour later, when the children were getting pretty obstreperous, the sisters decided it was time for a movie, popcorn and juice for the children, popcorn and a bottle of wine for the adults.  

We watched Shrek II (I think--I know it was not the first one).  We women nearly rolled on the floor in laughter but seriously doubted the children caught any of the allusions to the many fairy tales.  Unfortunately, Joshua fell sound asleep during the movie--which meant he stayed up very late last night.  Anyway, after the movie, we decided to walk to Rocio's house for a change of scenery.

Everyone put on rain gear and we took the three block walk, Joshua happily walking with his Granny, hand in hand.  Our visit there gave me a chance to see another house here.  Again, like this one, it is a double house.  Up a steep set of stairs (it is quite hilly here), and in the front door, there is about 3 feet from the front door a steep set of stairs on the wall on the left, and a hall beside them leads to a living room and separate dining room on the right, a small toilet room under the stairs on the left, and then straight back to the kitchen and then a small garden/play room with a door to the lovely backyard.

Upstairs there is a small study (maybe 5x7), two bedrooms, a toilet room and a bathroom.  No closets in the house, but both bedrooms are fitted with closets and shelves built after the house was built.  I figure the house is 20 feet wide.  Yes, 20 feet.  Probably about 40 feet deep.  As with Jonathan and Adriana's house, it is well equipped with good quality washer and dryer in the kitchen as well as a dishwasher.  I'm really understanding more and more why Jonathan and Adriana saw the parsonage where I live as exceptionally large.  I am guessing the master bedroom, bath and closet there are the size of the entire first floor at Rocio's house.

And it is charming, and I would guess quite English.  Yes, it is also full--again, picture a house with minimal storage, two children, and a wife who works from home three days a week.  Rocio fixed us afternoon tea (hot chocolate for the children) and the four youngsters played together.  I somewhat redeemed myself in the eyes of Katie, the oldest niece.  She was just about terminally disappointed in me when she discovered that I am absolutely no good at "games," i.e., soccer (football here) or anything else dealing with running, hiding, hitting or catching balls or anything like that.  But yesterday, I delightedly listened to her read aloud for about an hour and helped her with learning new words and meanings.  So, perhaps I'm not all useless in her eight-year-old eyes.

Rocio then fed the children some dinner, and Adriana I walked Joshua and Samuel home. Actually, Adriana carried Samuel, who was pretty tired by then, and Joshua leapt excitedly into every single puddle on the way home and made lots of big splashes.  We got them home, bathed--actually Joshua showers and just loves it, had them in the night clothes and were just about to settle them for the night when . . . Daddy (Jonathan) comes home!!!!  Yes, Papa is here--the one who just loves to laugh and tickle and play!!!  And get them totally stimulated so that sleep is impossible!!!!!

Yes, a long evening, indeed.  

It is now Saturday and we women will get our revenge.  He and Ian, Rocio's husband, are keeping the little darlings and Rocio and Adriana and I are going to the gardening store.  I didn't think to bring gardening clothes, and discovered that Jonathan and Adriana would love it if I would get yard somewhat cleaned up and some flowers planted.  Very much my joy to do so, so we'll get started later today.

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