Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arrival In London

It is mid-afternoon on Tuesday, April 14, London time, and I'm at Jonathan's and Adriana's house, have just eaten a lovely, healthy, "Adriana" lunch, unpacked my bags, distributed gifts to all, and am wondering how on earth I'm going to stay awake until evening, but know it is necessary if I'm to overcome jet lag quickly.

Essentially, I've been awake now since since  5 a.m. Monday morning with just snatches of sleep during this time.  Flights were comfortable, but sleep still just didn't happen.  But a nap this afternoon will just make it worse, so think we'll take the children out for a walk soon.

The children:  Adriana met me at the airport with Joshua in tow and Samuel in her arms.  Jonathan had a sudden trip to Greece and will be back Thursday evening, so Adriana braved the confusing trip to Heathrow Airport to pick me up.

Joshua immediately knew me and flashed me a big smile and gave me a kiss.  Samuel was a little more hesitant, but is quickly warming up.  The boys are gorgeous and now, at 3 and 18 months are beginning to make good playmates for each other.

Highways seem very confusing to me.  As in France, many of the intersections are roundabouts with people entering the circle at numerous points, all needing to change lanes and exit within seconds.  Somehow they work.  Also, as in France, the residential streets are narrow and people park on both sides and there are often just inches of clearance on either side.  Adriana, of course, manages all this with speed and agility--I'm just hanging on to the passenger seat (on the left side of the car, of course.)

Their house is gorgeous--will write more later.  Must go now.

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Angie Hammond said...

Thank you Christy for taking the rest of us along with you to London on a mini vacation through your writings.
I so enjoyed France as you described it to us during last year's trip and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and London.