Thursday, March 05, 2009

The "Who's Who" Application

Recently, I received a letter from something called the "Cambridge Who's Who" telling me what an important person I am and that my candidacy to be included in this prestigious directory has been approved. All I have to do is visit my personalized website and fill out the application form there and I'll be in. 

Well, it is about time someone recognized how important I am and acknowledged my growing celebrity!  Yes, this is written tongue-in-cheek.  I get these things all the time, and they are a great way to lose money in the name of vanity and recognition.  I was speaking of these one time to a friend of mine who has achieved much prominence in her field.  She said that she arranged for her cat to be nominated and included in one of those scam "Who's Who" books.  No accomplishments required--just a willingness to part with some money to purchase some fame.

Last week, at what we call our Midweek Miracle program for children and youth, the theme for the evening was "Celebrity Night."  It was great fun, and everyone walked the red carpet when coming in, pasted stars all over themselves, and learned how do to celebrity introductions.  One of our most creative nine-year-olds fashioned an elegant evening gown out of craft paper, completed by two of the younger girls who managed the sweeping train attached to the dress.  We all had great fun play-acting as sought after celebrities. 

But as the evening drew to a close, I looked at the adults who had just given up hours of time and energy to create this miracle time for the children and youth.  Here were the real celebrities:  The kitchen crew who manage to cook and serve a fabulous meal each week, and make sure there is enough left over to deliver meals to shut-ins around the neighborhood; the table parents who patiently teach the children manners and courtesy as they form family groups with unrelated children; the Bible study leaders who bring such wisdom and knowledge to their task that our youth became so engaged in discovering the Bible that we couldn't even get them to stop for their next activity; the worship skills leaders who tap into what seem to be bottomless wells of creativity as they lead the children with drama and visual exercises that help them retain God's word in a way that they can share it with the congregation on Sunday mornings; the recreation leaders who never run out of fun games that teach our young people that they can have great fun without having to divide themselves into winners and losers. 

These are the quiet and faithful people who take seriously the commands in the Bible to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  They live out their lives as disciples with zest, joy, companionship and service.  At the end of each Midweek Miracle evening, we all look at each other knowing we are physically tired yet infused with the energy that comes from a job well done.  Would that there is a "Who's Who" for these faithful saints and all the others around the world who seek to live out the God-infused life!  But perhaps there is one--perhaps these are the ones whose names are written in God's book of life, the ones to whom God will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful in little; now be faithful in much."

That's the best recognition of all.

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Angie Hammond said...

Well said good and faithful servant Christy.
By the way, you are famous in classroom #21 at the Methodist Home School! Not much of a venue, but hey it is home to around 60 students that see your picture and then ask questions about who you are and if you are a christian.
Your photo starts many conversations with students about God and what they believe and what I believe.
When they ask about God, then I can answer but only if they ask. So you really are a celebrity and famous at least in room 21. You just didn't know it.
Thanks for helping bring Christ into Classroom #21!