Monday, March 02, 2009

The Walk Through

One day last week, I just needed a break and decided to take a quick walk-through of the new building which will soon become the physical home of the United Methodist Church here in Krum. As I wandered through the rooms at 1001 E. McCart, the construction workers good-naturedly offered a chance to go to work with them.  Having no skills in that area at all, I happily declined, just being delighted to see what is happening.

A long-held dream coming true for us--hard to believe that we are so close to the move.

The current building at the corner of 2nd and McCart pulses with memories.  Baptisms, marriages, funerals, messages, Bible study, service, love, meals, teaching children, laughter and joy, tears and shared sorrow, babies born and others going onto eternity, all done in holy connection with one another.  I've only had three years here, and in those three years have come to a deeper and deeper appreciation of the ways this group of people live as the hands and feet of Jesus in this community and in the world beyond.  So many lives changed, so much good done in the name of Jesus.

And now we will move.  Our last Sunday in the current location is March 29. On that day, as the 11:00 service ends, we will carry out of the Sanctuary all items that are part of our worship life.  The Bibles, hymnals, the cloths that drape the altar and the pulpit, the wall hangings that represent the movement of the Christian year, the candles that give us the light of Christ during worship, the candlelighters that bring in and take out that light, the baptismal font where the waters remind us that God has called us to be his own people--all this and more will be carried out and packed so that it might be carried back in at the 9:00 a.m. service on Palm Sunday, April 5.

Yes, a long-held dream is coming true as the following week we occupy space that is fully accessible to all, that is especially geared for the nurture and care and spiritual education of children and youth, that gives us space and light and reflects our hope in the future because God is with us.

All are invited to join us in these last four weeks of worship in our current space.  Come and share those sweet memories there and then help us build new ones of transformational living in this transformational move to 1001 E. McCart St., next to the Blanche Dodd Intermediate School.  Blanche Dodd, herself a lifetime member of this church and a woman of service and love, would be proud of us.

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