Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Religious News: homemakers and hucksters

Sometimes just reading religious news brings up enough bile to act as a weight loss tonic. First, let’s start with this one: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and its homemaking degree. In case you’ve missed it, check out this link: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-homemaking11oct11,0,900610.story

In truth, I’m somewhat in sympathy with the idea—homemaking does indeed need to be recognized for its value. There have been numerous estimates made of how what it would cost to replace the services of a full-time mother and home-maker, especially when there are very young children involved. It’s a bundle—but the current work climate has not seen fit to honor those who fill that role.

But this also brings up the difficulty of interpreting Scripture for today. Does it teach in a timeless manner that males are the absolute ruler of the household and that women should live subservient lives to them? Or is that a culturally bound situation that illustrates the overall and more important principle that we must honor and give respect to all: women, men, slaves and free, pagan and Jew.

Now, while we’re in the middle of debating that one, we can move to the latest scandal in the world of the celebrity, way-too-rich Christian superstars. This time, the finger is pointed at Richard Roberts, President of Oral Roberts University and his wife, Lindsey. If you have not seen the information about this, you’ll find links to all the documents here:

I hope none of this is true. But if it is, may God have mercy on us all. What a laughingstock Christianity becomes when people without depth of character or well-integrated holiness of heart, mind and hands are elevated to serve as public faces and spokespersons for our faith.

Makes me want to weep.

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angie Hammond said...

Just goes to show you that no matter what the profession there are always some that bring it disgrace. Unfortunately these are usually the ones that are in the public eye the most. We as a society tend to focus on that sort of thing. We instead of recognizing the best, sensationalize the craziness and scandals because it makes better news.

Perhaps instead of writing religious articles such as those mentioned, we should instead be spreading the gospel, the real good news. If we put our focus on that type of news, we'd quickly run out of the other religious garbage that keeps turing up and stirring up trouble for those of us who are trying to spread the faith.

As for women in the church, I say this to that question. If under Christ we are all equally yoked then what does it matter who does what job as long as it is getting done and all share the burden?

As for weeping, no not yet! Not as long as we have someone like Christy Thomas who is courageous enough to post her thoughts where all can have access and make comments. And she does all of this while maintaining a positive image and a holiness of heart and mind so that others may be blessed through her ministry.