Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Brief Update, Day 10 of Hospice

I have not yet seen Mother this morning, but have just received an email from my brother.  He wrote what I had guessed:  last night's stroke means she will no longer be able to take in liquid or food.  The last days have arrived.

I will be driving down shortly to collect my middle son and family to get them to the airport.  

I'm numb, but not surprised.  Grateful this won't go on forever; sorrowful at the loss; grateful especially for my sons and their willingness to so quickly get here and spend this weekend with her, to feed her and talk with her and tease her and turn her and watch TV with her.  Grateful for all the friends and colleagues who have expressed love for me as they've supported me, read this blog, sent messages.  Understanding when they say, "I wish I could do more."  I've said the same words myself.  I am filled with love, and also with food, so generously given by those in the church where I serve.

Thank you.


Dana Norton said...

Know yourself surrounded in prayer for the journey. These days have been a tremendous gift that you will treasure for a very long time, perhaps the rest of your own life. Peace, my sister.

Angie Hammond said...

Grace and Peace be with you as you go through these final days with your mom.

I wish that I could do more for you than words of support and prayers, but distance limits what I can do.

I'm here should you need me and would gladly come if you called.
Know that you are loved by me and that I continue to keep you in prayer.

God Be with you as you face the death of your mom and all of the sorrow that comes with it.

Love you much,

charlotte g said...

Peace be with you all, and blessings fill you. May the pain of your letting go be tempered by your joy at the journey she is beginning.
With love and many hugs a-waiting.

Anonymous said...

You and your family and your family in Christ are in my prayers. May the healing presence of Christ Jesus continue to sustain you and give you courage and peace. Your sister in Christ, as well, Janice

Glenda said...

Dear Christy,
My heart is breaking for you. Brian and I understand a great deal of what you are going through as we took care of my mother before she died. You are doing all you can do and I know your Mother appreciates everything you are doing. Losing your Mother is losing uncondtional love from another human being. You are so strong and give so much to others, I hope you will accept all the help and love offered. We love you and know that all you have to do is have someone call us if you need us. Brian Ball and Glenda Nix 214-350-0321 (CouplesRUs)